About Us

LifeBrite Active was founded in 2021 with the goal of creating apparel that focuses on increased visibility above all else. Although our initial goal was to design highly-visible swimwear for kids to aid with parent supervision, we quickly realized just how important the aspect of visibility is for all ages and in all types of high-energy activities. From sports activities such as running, biking, and hiking, to events with large groups of people such as amusement parks, concerts, and even shopping centers, we found that being able to stand out in a crowd is essential for safety.

Our problem was very simple --and it can be summed up as: “OK, which one is my kid?” The products we’ve designed at LifeBrite Active will help alleviate this issue by making our customers highly visible against a multitude of backdrops and in countless scenarios. Be seen in high-contrast swimwear and apparel for the entire family.

boys building sand castle on beach in Florida, wearing highly-visible swimwear and apparel