When can I expect my items to arrive?

Each of our made-to-order item descriptions provides an estimated delivery to your location. This information can be found directly under the “Buy It Now” button on each item listing on our website. While most packages will arrive on time, there may be circumstances beyond our control, ie: natural disasters, holidays, inclement weather, etc., for this reason, we do not guarantee the exact delivery date. Production starts less than 48 hours after the order is placed so we can get your made-to-order items to you as fast as possible. If we are out of stock of a blank or material this will cause a delay. If you have waited more than 15 days for a domestic order please email customercare@lifebriteactive.com with your order number to inquire about its status. Thank you for your patience and for doing your part to reduce our carbon footprint and limit waste.

I ordered multiple items, will they all arrive at the same time?

Our made-to-order items are fulfilled by print shops located all through the United States. When you place an order with multiple items, some may ship from different distribution centers closer to you while others are further away. This can cause some items to arrive quicker than others based on their proximity to you. If you receive one item before the others, fear not, we will keep you posted and send the other items to you as soon as possible.

Oops! I forgot to enter a promotional code, can anything be done?

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for the LifeBrite Active Team and we offer promotions with the intent of them being taken advantage of. If you place an order and forget to apply an active promotional code at checkout, don't worry, just reach out to customercare@lifebriteactive.com within 24hrs of placing your order, and we'll adjust your purchase accordingly. We're suckers for a good deal and we want our valued customers to capitalize on the ones we offer whenever possible! 

What do you mean by made-to-order?

To limit waste and reduce our carbon footprint, we designed the bulk of our merchandise using print-on-demand software. Each LifeBrite Active apparel and accessory item is printed and constructed on-demand when a customer creates an order. The items are designed by us with our LifeBrite Active core values in mind; increased visibility, function over fashion, and all items are geared towards high-energy activities. 

Why the emphasis on neon and bright colors?

LifeBrite Active was founded to increase visibility in all high-energy activities. Initially, we focused on swimwear only, but we quickly realized that visibility is important in so many other daily activities. When we sat down and brainstormed, it was abundantly clear that so many things become easier when you emphasize visibility; finding your luggage, taking a trip to a crowded area such as a theme park or shopping center, when biking, hiking, or engaging in any outdoor activity. It could help us identify our loved ones on the field, pitch, course, or court. And it can make keeping an eye on our perpetually-in-motion kids that much easier. It’s just a bonus that you look cool while also being easier to locate when you wear LifeBrite Active apparel and accessories. 

Why don’t you offer any blue swimwear?

Well, thanks for noticing! One of our favorite phrases to use regarding swimwear is “ditch the blue hues.” When promoting visibility in and around water you want to create as much contrast as possible. Large bodies of water; pools, the ocean, springs, etc., primarily appear blue because of the way blue light scatters/reflects when it hits the surface, therefore, blue swimwear is one of the hardest to distinguish against a watery backdrop. The key is contrast, contrast, contrast! The most visible against a blue landscape is fluorescent green, followed by orange, red, yellow, and pink. 

As far as other items go, we're open to designing blue activewear, outerwear, and accessories, once we find a blue tone we feel reflects our mission of increased visibility and "sparks joy" in us ;)

What’s the difference between LifeBrite Active apparel and LifeBrite Premium apparel?

LifeBrite Active apparel and accessories have been designed by our team to reflect the core value of LifeBrite; increased visibility. They consist of our quality made-to-order items that ship on-demand once a customer places their order. LifeBrite Premium apparel items also reflect our core value of high visibility but they’ve been customized to maximize their functionality. The colors within this line are more neon or vivid, the designs are created with the wearer and care-taker in mind, they’re hand-sewn right here in Central Florida by a team of experienced manufacturers, they’re constructed with ethically sourced fabrics from the USA, and an inventory is kept on-hand of these specific items. 

How do I initiate a return? 

Due to the custom nature of our made-to-order items, returns and refunds are limited to items that are defective from the distributor, damaged in transit, or just plain wrong ie; you ordered graphic green and received radiant red. Our distributors have quality checks in place to limit this type of issue but we understand mistakes happen and other things may be out of our control. If you’re unhappy with your items for any of the reasons listed prior in this section, please contact order support at customercare@lifebriteactive.com so we can work to find a resolution. All refunds will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

My item doesn’t fit, can I exchange it?

Unfortunately, due to the custom nature of our made-to-order items, we cannot accept exchanges. Refunds are issued on a case-by-case basis and are only issued if the item received is incorrect or damaged from the distribution center. Please check the size charts carefully before placing your order. If an item doesn’t fit, we suggest gifting it to a friend or donating it to charity. 

My item arrived damaged, can I replace it?

If your item(s) arrive damaged or defective we ask that you contact our support team at customercare@lifebriteactive.com and provide pictures of the damaged item and packaging. If we determine the item to be defective or the damage is something covered under our refund guidelines, then a full refund (less shipping) will be processed as soon as possible. All refunds will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

Why does the color appear more vibrant online than it does in my hands?

We pride ourselves on the vibrancy of our items. However, there is a possibility they may seem less bright in hand than they do on your computer screen. The primary reason for this is that your computer screen registers a vast array of colors that our printing systems simply cannot match. Our items are intended to be enjoyed and utilized in the great outdoors, and direct/natural sunlight helps to make our colors pop. It was a long hard process of elimination to get our colors where they are now, but we're constantly striving to provide the most eye-catching color options available for our customers. Trust that LiveBrite Active colorways will be updated and added as we continue to perfect our designs and expand our brand. 

How can I extend the life of my products?

Following the care instructions provided inside each item will help to maintain the item's integrity over time. We recommend washing all items inside out, on a gentle cycle, using cold water, then hanging them to dry. Specifically to our swimwear and rash guards, stretch tank-tops, and leggings; it's recommended you avoid contact with rough surfaces and Velcro fasteners as they can pull out the white fibers in the fabric, damaging the fabric's appearance. Putting these items inside a lingerie bag when washing can help protect them from zippers, Velcro and other rough items that could cause damage.